06 February 2005

u GO, girl!

Her Blog
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"There could be some shortcoming or other on technical issues, but I will maintain moral standards so high that no one will be able to say later that they were mistaken today. We will build such a team that Ukraine will sparkle like a diamond."

"I know society is expecting a miracle from the government -- a social miracle, a miracle in establishing order and justice triumphing," she said. "We will make the miracle happen."

"The priority development of technology and market ideology have gradually ruined the spirituality of mankind. Our goal is to make the development of spirituality a priority. This is the first constituent of the progress. The second constituent is the desire for justice, not as a slogan but as a scientific method of improvement of society, which is based on determining, publicizing and settling all conflicts in society. Then, Ukraine will fulfill its historic mission and prove that it is able to become a model of spirituality and a pattern for building a fair society. This idea is capable of uniting the Ukrainian nation, intentionally split, deceived, and betrayed by the irresponsible authorities."

And they have fair elections. Hmmm... I wonder how much we'd have to give them in order to sweeten the deal enough for the Ukranians to let us have her for a few years in order to clean things up here so they sparkled at least as well as a clean toilet bowl, much less as a diamond? Anything less than the $14 trillion sinkhole we're already in up to our uglies would be a better bargain than what we've got now, and probably a deal at twice the price. The only risk would come from the jealousy of the wives of the millions of men paying undue attention to their new leader....
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